Women IN God’s Service

WINGS is the organization of the women of the Woodland Presbyterian Church. Established in 2011, our goals in reflecting the Glory of God are threefold: 

  • To enjoy fellowship together as sisters in Christ,
  • Serve our church body
  • Serve the Woodland Community

Summer Secret Sisters

Ladies!!!  Get to know someone this summer---secretly!  Join in the fun as we have a Summer Secret Sister Ministry!  Fill out the “Secret Sister Information Form,” which will be available in the Narthex or can be downloaded from the church website, and turn it in by June 10.  We will be assigned a secret sister from the secret sister keeper on Sunday, June 17.  During June through August, we will encourage our secret sisters with notes, cards, small gifts, and most importantly, prayer.  ( A designated area will be set up for you to leave your cards, notes, etc.)  This is a great way to support one another and get to know each other better.  So, join in the fun!  Sponsored by WINGS!



2018 Ladies' Tea