WPC Deacons
In addition to the ordination of pastors and Elders, the EPC churches ordain faithful Christian leaders to the Deacon Board.  Under authority of the Session, the deacons perform special duties related to the care and compassion for the church family.  They should be steady and reliable believers.  Deacons set up Memorial services, home visits, and prayerful consideration for any brothers and sisters who are going through challenging circumstances in their lives.  As the law of love places certain duties upon each Christian, the Deacon is especially bound to fulfill those duties and to be an example to all.

We are blessed to have a dedicated group of Deacons in the Woodland Presbyterian family.  Each one has volunteered to maintain contact with a few members and we present greeting cards for their special days throughout the year.  Deacons are prayer warriors and regularly lift our family members to our gracious Lord.  God bless to faithful Deacons.

Deacons Fund
The first Deacons were commissioned to take care of the needs of the widows within the early Christian community (Acts 6:1-6). On every Communion Sunday, we will be receiving a special "Deacon's Fund Offering" along with our regular tithes and offerings. This is an opportunity to contribute to a fund that seeks to meet the increasing financial needs of those within the body of Christ. Please consider setting aside a few dollars each month to include in this special offering. An envelope will be provided in your church bulletin.
Thank you.