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In the Presbyterian form of government, the body of elected leaders - Elders - is known corporately as the Session. Elders are elected by the membership and serve a 3-year term to provide leadership for the following Session Program Committees, which are comprised of Elders and church members. At Woodland Presbyterian Church, the Session meets each month on the second Tuesday beginning at 7:00pm.

Christian Education: (meets 1st Sunday, 11:30am)
Liz Hover, Chair, Richard Benney*, Janet Clock, Goni Laseke, Cindy Leach, Shirley Reed, Dick Williams
Directs the educational ministry of WPC, including Sunday School, the summer program, youth fellowships, Junior Church, Bible studies, and small groups.

Clerk of Session: Doug Ferguson
Takes minutes, keeps records, and does correspondence for Session.

Membership Care: (meets 4th Tuesdays, 6:30pm)
Janet Syring*, Chair, Deana MacPherson, Cindy Leach, Karen Wilson, Betsy Lessard, Goni Laseke, Margaret Sukkari
Has general oversight of our congregational care ministries, new member seminars, coffee chapel, and Wings.

Mission Outreach: (meets 2nd Tuesday, 11:30am)
Judy Peterson, Chair; Mike Ferguson*, Dale Hanley, Bob Norton*, Judy Peterson, Karen Wilson*
Directs the mission interpretation and outreach ministry of our church, including community outreach and evangelism, special offerings such as One Great Hour of Sharing and Christmas Joy, recommends to Session the designation of Session Designated Giving monies, keeps us in touch with mission causes.

Nominating: (meets in July)
Karen Wilson, Chair; Sally Hager, Joyce Sixberry, Kirsten Dean
Meets with the Deacon and congregational representatives to nominate a slate of nominees to the office of ruling Elder, Deacon, and Nominating Committee.

Personnel: (meets as needed)
Rick Syring, Chair; Sally Hager, Richard Benney*
Reviews staff performance and salaries annually, and if needed, is available for listening and counseling. Has general oversight of job descriptions, personnel policies, and staff additions.

Stewardship: (meets 1st Friday at 4pm)
Dale Boon, Chair; Dave Bozorth, Sally Hager, Rick Syring, Janet Syring, Bob Krueger*, Jim Wilson
Directs our financial program and stewardship campaign, Wills and Memorials, church use by outside groups, approves the establishment of all Trust and Endowment funds, and has oversight of our vans, property, buildings, rentals, and grounds.

Trustees:  Bob Krueger*, President;  Mike Ferguson*, Vice President; Kevin Leach, Secretary; Sally Hager, Treasurer

WINGS: Janet Syring, Coordinator

Worship: (meets 1st Sunday at 3:00 pm)
Shirley Reed, Chair; Pastor Kevin Leach, Bob Norton*, Karen Wilson*, Sherry Bozorth, Suzy Ferguson, Joey Ostrand, Ruth Wendt*
Has general oversight of our worship ministry, including choirs, bell choirs, Praise Teams, worship, audio visual system, weddings, sanctuary decoration, ushering, hospitality, special services, communion, and baptisms.

* - Indicates Serving Elder

Session News

September 15, 2019
Leadership Change Rationale 

Changes to our church leadership came after much prayer, thought, and discussion and accepted by the membership.. At this year’s General Assembly in Denver there was a presentation called “Turning Sessions into Spiritual Communities”.

(scroll down to Leadership Institute Tuesday Tracks and look for Leadership and choose either Part 1 or Part 2 (same talk) of Turning Sessions into Spiritual Communities)

Pastor Doug Resler of Parker Evangelical Presbyterian Church makes a compelling case for the leaders of our church to be more spiritually minded. The first duty of an Elder is to represent the mind of Christ, as that person understands it, in the various courts of the Church. (BoG 9-8) Session meetings have taken on a more business type model where we talk of the things that need to be done, what’s being done currently, what’s been done in the past, what the various committees are thinking of doing, and should we have another potluck? Although important, these are not the vital discussions our Session should be having. Being able to address the issues we are all now facing in today’s culture are much more primary to the role of Elder. Time on Session should be one of the most vibrant experiences of spiritual growth that a believer has. Members should be excited to become an elder and disappointed when their time on Session comes to an end. This has not been the experience that many have had.

We’re hoping that by limiting the duties and responsibilities of the Elder they would be able to focus on the more pressing spiritual issues of our time. By electing church members to Committee Chair positions and giving them authority to act, it will relieve the Elders of an additional service to the church and free up time to attend to the spiritual growth of the congregation and outreach to the unsaved in our community. Now, more than ever, our culture is shifting away from a traditional view of the church. Where the church has been seen in the past as a helpful institution to the public good (from a secular worldview), it is now being looked on with more and more suspicion and distrust. We need to address how we will meet the coming clashes with culture in a compassionate and Christ-centered way. We look to our Elders to lead us spiritually and have answers prepared for the questions many will have.