Women IN God’s Service

WINGS is the organization of the women of the Woodland Presbyterian Church. Established in 2011, our goals in reflecting the Glory of God are threefold: 

  • To enjoy fellowship together as sisters in Christ,
  • Serve our church body
  • Serve the Woodland Community


2019 Cannon Beach Women's Conference

Registration and $100 deposit due by May 26, 2019, total cost approximately $200 depending on number of attendees; includes 2 nights sharing rooms, and 4 meals.

Scholarships available to help defray registration fees.  Contact Martha Swanstrum for registration/ scholarship and further information: Swanstrum@aol.com or 360 546-2948

This year the registration process has changed and fees will be paid to the church and one check forwarded to the Conference Center.

Cakes for Teachers

WINGS will again be preparing and delivering cakes in the Woodland School District to support the teachers who educate and care for he students. We will be delivering the cakes during the last week of March, which is one of the days the teachers have conferences with the parents of their students. Be watching for a sign-up sheet to help bake and deliver the cakes. Your help will be greatly appreciated.

2018 Ladies' Tea