And this good news of the kingdom will be proclaimed throughout the world, as a testimony to all the nations.
Matthew 24:14

WPC collects and delivers Gratitude Bags filled with needed food and supplies to the Woodland Action Center.
Congregation checks out local mission opportunities to serve at.
WPC hosts Fellowship of Christian Athletes weekly for breakfast an fellowship.

Local Mission Support and Outreach

FCA in Woodland  

Woodland Presbyterian Church proudly supports the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA). Every Wednesday at 7:30 AM our church hosts the Woodland Middle School Huddle, which consists of between 35 to 40 students. We provide a place for them to meet as well as provide a hearty breakfast. The FCA group is student led. The student leaders lead in devotions and in prayer for one another. They also play games, share testimonies, and encourage one another to bring their friends and share their faith with other students. In addition to the breakfast, we encourage them by our presence, our prayers and by financial support.

Supporting Woodland High  School Seniors

Each year WPC seeks to honor graduating seniors from Woodland High School. In the past we have honored them with a Senior Breakfast which included teachers and school administrators. Because of size limitations we have had to stop doing the breakfast. Now we give them a small gift card, a note from the pastor, a Gideon’s bible and a tract telling of the good news about Jesus.

Woodland Mobile Meals, a non-profit corporation, was created by a group of Woodland citizens on November 1, 1979 for the sole purpose of providing meals every weekday to the house-bound and to those who are unable to prepare a meal for themselves.

Woodland Action Center     
Woodland Action is a non-profit community action organization that provides basic needs to individuals. Food, hygiene items & employment training.

Mission Support

Cannon Beach Conference Center  


Gideons International  


Medical Benevolence Foundation  

Operation Christmas Child 

Fellowship of Christian Athletes

(Supporting local chapter of Woodland Middle School)

FCA Circle Logo Color

Frontier Fellowship  

Shared Hope International

Table Church

Voice of the Martyrs  


Carolyn Ford


Mike and Stephanie Kuhn

EPC World Outreach

Elisha and Crystal Stock


Mike and Tammy

World Missions

Carolyn Ford visits WPC. April 22, 2022